Samsung 3D Blu Ray Player with HD Recorder

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The BD_H8500M is everything you’re looking for in a Blu-ray player and much, much more. It’ll play 3D HD films, let you access Smart content through its Wi-Fi connection, picks up subscription-free digital channels and even has a hard drive so you can record live TV. Home entertainment has never been so exciting.

Record Your Favourite Shows

This model can replace your set top box thanks to its two Freeview HD tuners. The fact that there are two means you can watch one programme while recording another on a different channel, or record two channels simultaneously while you’re out. The built-in 500GB hard drive has plenty of space for up to 70 hours of high definition viewing, and even more in standard definition.

A timer means you don’t have to be there – perfect for saving the soaps to watch after a long weekend away. By recording your current viewing you’ll be able to pause the match to fetch a round of drinks, or fast forward the adverts interrupting your favourite drama series. All your recordings will be neatly organised and easy to find. 

Prepare to put an end to family squabbles over what to watch – it’s finally possible to keep everyone happy.

3D Blu-ray Experience                                         

Blu-ray offers an amazing improvement on standard definition. Each frame is packed full of detail, with brighter colours and more lifelike contrast ratios. This Samsung player handles every disk perfectly, giving you the best possible viewing experience. It uses advanced 3D technology to ensure images are sharp, layered and vivid, for a truly impressive extra dimension.

If you’re yet to start your Blu-ray collection, fear not. The BD_H8500M plays a range of DVD and CD formats too. It’ll even improve DVDs so they look almost as good as Full HD.

4K Ultra HD is the next step up from Full HD. With four times as many pixels, the resolution is outstanding. Prepare yourself for the next generation of TVs with this player, which upscales Full HD to Ultra HD when used with a compatible screen.

Samsung Smart Hub                                                                                                      

The BD_H8500’s built-in Wi-Fi connectivity provides access to amazing content on demand. From Samsung’s Smart Hub you can stream films from Netflix and LOVEFiLM, or catch up with those shows you’ve missed on BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD or Demand 5.

There are also a huge number of apps to download, including games, social media, news channels and much more. A dual core processor makes everything that little bit faster.

Plug your USB stick or portable hard drive into this Blu-ray player to share photos and videos on the big screen. You can even access your downloaded music collection this way – perfect for making the most of your living room’s surround sound system. Samsung’s technology supports a comprehensive range of file formats and codecs – from Flash videos to MP3 music and even PNG pictures.

This Samsung Freeview HD recorder is packed with so many features, it’s all you need underneath your TV. Buy yours here today.  


Colour Black
Height 5.5 cm
Width 43 cm
Depth 28.2 cm
Weight 2.70 kg