Dyson DC54i Cinetic Cylinder Ball Vacuum Cleaner

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5 Year Guarantee


 2L Bin Capacity 263 Air Watts 6.5M Cord Length Bagless
 The Only Vacuum With No Maintanence Of Filters
 Ultra-efficient Dyson Cinetic Cylones Mean No Filter To Wash Or Replace
 No Bags To Buy Dyson Cinetic Technology Means
 No Loss Of Suction Ball Shape for Easy Movement Around Obstalces Colour Silver
 Includes: 5 Year Guarantee - For Parts and Labour
 Dysons Latest Anti-Static Turbine Head 


54 of Dyson's smallest and most efficient cyclones generate powerful centrifugal forces to separate more microscopic particles than any other cyclone. The oscillating tips vibrate to prevent the cyclone aperture clogging. A pre-motor filter is not required and the post-motor filter requires no maintenance - so there's nothing to wash or replace. Because of the efficiency of Dyson CineticTM cyclone technology, no pre-motor filter is required and the post-motor filter requires no maintenance. So there's nothing to wash or replace. And with no bag, there are no extra costs. Conventional cylinder vacuums can be awkward - they can be heavy to pull, head the wrong way and collide with obstacles. Dyson BallTM vacuums are the only cylinder vacuums with a central steering mechanism. The pivot point is located near the centre of the machine, enabling it to make tighter turning circles and follow with greater control. Latest carbon fibre turbine head engineered for all floor types. Conductive carbon fibre brushes remove fine dust from hard floors, and stiff nylon brushes remove ground-in dirt from carpets.  The Articulating hard floor tool has soft nylon bristles that gently remove dust and dirt from wood and other delicate floors. It pivots 180° and has an ultra-slim profile to reach into the awkward gaps between cupboards and units more easily. There are two bristle curtains: the first removes large debris, while the second seals the tool to prevent suction leaking. The Dyson Tangle-free turbine tool is the only turbine tool that doesn't tangle. There's no brush bar for hair to wrap around. It uses counter-rotating heads with brushes to remove hair and dirt from carpets and upholstery and releases it straight into the bin. What's in the box DC54 Animal vacuum Tangle-free Turbine tool Articulated hard floor tool Operation manual Quick start guide 5 year guarantee